Teenager stops bus so he can give first aid to man who collapsed in Upminster

Reuben was cool under pressure and waited until the ambulance came. Picture: Angie Bunce-Mason

Reuben was cool under pressure and waited until the ambulance came. Picture: Angie Bunce-Mason - Credit: Archant

A sixth former administered life-saving first aid after he saw a man collapse on the street.

Reuben with his dad and sister. Picture: Angie Bunce-Mason

Reuben with his dad and sister. Picture: Angie Bunce-Mason - Credit: Archant

Reuben Bence-Mason, 17, was travelling on the bus to Havering Sixth Form College on Thursday (September 26) when he saw a man drop to the floor in Corbets Tey Road, Upminster.

Being first aid trained and knowing he could help the victim, Reuben "pleaded with the bus driver" to open the doors so he could offer assistance.

"I saw the man had fallen forward hitting his head and nose, he was bleeding from his nose and mouth and had rolled onto his back so was chocking on his blood," said Reuben.

"I took control of the situation, placed the man in the recovery position, asked someone to call an ambulance and then the grandfather and brother arrived so I was reassuring them too until the paramedics arrived and took the man to hospital."

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Reuben's mother, Angie, 44, said lots of people are "quick to criticise teenagers" but there are some good ones out there and what her son did was "fantastic".

She said: "Everyone should be first aid trained. Schools should have it in the curriculum - it wouldn't be too hard to do and I will be contacting MPs about it.

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"If it is taught early it becomes routine - and it will make people aware."

Angie, who lives in Chafford Hundred, said she was shocked to hear that some reacted to the situation by filming the man rather than helping.

She said it was disgusting that some people in the vicinity took out their phone not to call the ambulance but to take a film.

The family of the injured man tracked down Reuben on Facebook to say thank you and managed to get in contact with Angie. Writing to the Recorder the mother of the victim said: "The man that had the seizure was my son Harvey.

"He's 21 and has lived with epilepsy since he was young.

"To say that Reuben was incredible that morning is an understatement.

"It was unfortunately quite a severe seizure this time and it doesn't matter if you're experienced in seeing them or not, it's still very distressing to witness but Reuben kept his cool.

"One amazing outcome of Reuben's actions is that a neighbour is now undertaking a first aid course because he felt so helpless and didn't have a clue what to do.

"Harvey is now fine and has recovered and Angie, you should be very proud of your amazing son. Thank you Reuben."

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