Upminster restaurant recreates last first class dinner of the Titanic

An Upminster restaurant recreated the lavish seven course meal that would have been served on the Titanic for the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the doomed ship.

Luna’s, in Station Road, served up the deluxe dishes as part of a Titanic themed night last Friday.

Chef Scott Pinson said: “It was a really nice atmosphere.

“Everyone had a really good time, while also remembering those who sailed on the ship.”

The menu included a black forest wood pigeon sous vide with raspberry vinaigrette and shaved Valhalla chocolate.

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Scott and fellow chef Marcel also served beetroot cappuccino.

Diners were given cards listing the names of the passengers on the ship and they were also entertained by the music from the time.

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Scott said: “I love fine dining and there would have been plenty of that on the Titanic because it would have been a very grand ship.

“The Titanic would have been very much up my street because they were all well trained French chefs.”

Scott, who describes himself as “obsessed by the Titanic” came up with the idea two weeks ago.

He spent hours researching the dishes that would have been served and the music that would have been played.

Scott said: “I have a massive amount of respect for the chefs who were on board the ship.

“They would have been catering for up 700 people and that’s why I really wanted to stay true to their menu.

“In the end we made a few tweaks - they had ten courses and ours was just seven - but they were still their classic dishes.”

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