Upminster man told by cafe staff ‘You can’t have scrambled eggs in case you’re pregnant’

An Upminster man thought supermarket caf� staff were having a yoke with him, when he was told he could not give him scrambled eggs - in case he was pregnant!

Hungry John Clarke, 58, had popped into Romford Sainsbury’s, in the Brewery Shopping Centre, for a quick bite to eat before his weekly shop last Saturday (March 31)- but couldn’t believe his ears when he asked for the simple breakfast snack.

“They said ‘sorry sir, no scrambled egg but I can do you a fried egg instead’.

“So I said ‘if you can fry it, why can’t you scramble it? You put in a bowl and whoosh it up’, and they answered, ‘we can’t do that, cos if you’re pregnant, and we don’t do it properly, it might make you sick.”

Later a bemused Mr Clarke, of Macon Way - who went on to order a bacon sandwich - decided to quiz a waitress further and was then told the scrambled eggs are delivered frozen to the store, where they are then heated up.

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“She elaborated that when they had tried to do it themselves the resultant mix put in a microwave had exploded when they tried to stir it!” he added.

In the end Mr Clarke, a retired music teacher, decided it was easier to make the dish himself.

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He said: “So for lunch, I made my self scrambled egg on toast, it was beautiful and the work of moments, and nothing exploded. I may now begin carrying a small primus stove and a bag of muffins with me when we go out for breakfast!”

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “We’re sorry that Mr Clarke feels disappointed by the service he received at our Romford store. We aim to offer a wide selection of quality food and great service in our cafes and the feedback we get is very important in helping us to achieve this. We are currently reviewing our breakfast offer in our cafes and we will take Mr Clarke’s comments on board. We hope to welcome Mr Clarke back to the Cafe soon.”

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