10m height extension proposed for lattice tower in Upminster

Electricity pylons near Edinburgh.

A decision on a 10m extension of an existing 20m lattice tower and the installation of four 900mm antenna dishes in Upminster will be made by February 12, 2022. - Credit: PA

Plans to make a lattice tower 50 per cent higher and install four antenna dishes in Upminster have been submitted for consideration.

The application was sent by DRW UK Ltd and received by Havering Council on December 2.  

It proposes a 10-metre extension of the 20m lattice tower so it would stand 30m tall at its highest point and the installation of four 900mm antenna dishes on a privately-owned site in Wanders Haven Front Lane.  

According to the planning statement, the height increase would allow “the telecommunications equipment, which operate on a line-of-sight basis, to operate”.

The height increase achieves this without removing trees and other obstacles, which the application said would have a “detrimental impact on the designated Thames Chase Community Forest”. 

If approved, works would start in July 2022 and finish a month later in August.  

A decision on the application will be made by February 12, 2022, and the applicant can appeal within six months of this date.

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View the application using reference P2440.21.