Upminster and Cranham councillors hold street stall to hear residents’ issues in the area

People living in Upminster and Cranham had the chance to speak to local councillors about issues in their area at a street stall day.

Members of the Residents’ Association held the event on Saturday in Upminster town centre to give residents the chance to have a chat with councillors and to raise any questions about the area.

Leader of the Residents’ Association group, Cllr Clarence Barrett, said: “While some political parties only do this a month before an election, Residents Associations are always keen to listen to the community and, as the banner says, Always at Your Service means exactly what it says.

“Local representation is best carried out by local people, big party politics and adhering to the party whip is simply not suited to running local community affairs.

“First and foremost we are elected to represent the best interests of the people, not to represent the best interest of a political party.”

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