Upminster 7/7 survivor offers advice to government minister

An Upminster 7/7 survivor who was caught up in the Edgware Road bombings has turned his life around so much that he recently went to Westminster to share his ideas with a government minister.

Daniel Biddle, 31, lost both legs, his left eye and his spleen in the terrorist attack.

He was put in a medically induced coma for eight weeks and was in hospital for a year after the bomb blast.

He was the most seriously injured survivor of the 7/7 attacks.

Mr Biddle had previously worked in the construction industry, and once discharged from hospital re-trained to design buildings for people with disabilities.

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He went to Westminster Hall to meet the minister for disabled people, Maria Miller, to give his ideas about getting more disabled people into work.

Currently only 50 per cent of disabled people are in work.

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He said: “After the bombing I realised it wasn’t the end of my life. I can still I do the same as everyone else in my job and travel round the country visiting clients.

“There are real benefits of employing disabled people. We are good at problem solving skills, as we overcome different challenges in our everyday lives.

He added: “I think the idea that disabled people are only capable of menial work is an outdated view. Why should we just do menial work because we are disabled when we are capable of so much more?”

The minister for disabled people, Maria Miller, said: “It was fascinating to hear about Dan’s experiences and his enthusiasm is inspiring.

“We need to get more disabled people into mainstream jobs so they can do the same work as everyone and in every sector, from hairdressing to engineering and at every level.”

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