UPDATE: Two need hospital treatment after Brentwood car crash

Two people needed hospital treatment after a car crash in Brentwood on Saturday morning.

A Brentwood councillor and residents are calling for traffic calming measures at a junction after a “horrendous” car smash on Saturday.

Two cars collided at 10.37am on the corner of Hanging Hill Lane and Pondfield Lane. One was a learner driver and her instructor’s car was written off.

Both casualties were taken to Queen’s Hospital, Romford by the ambulance service, who said the injuries weren’t life threatening.

Labour Cllr Mike Le-Surf was called to the scene by a resident. He said: “It was horrendous. A woman had to be cut out of her car. She was in there for a couple of hours. The car she was in was half on the road and half through a residents’ fence. If they were in their garden they could’ve got hit as well.”

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Local resident Grace Hayden, 89, said: “As I came down my stairs, I heard the bang and the people in the house across the road and I went outside. It was really bad, the car had to be cut in pieces.”

Cllr Le-Surf has called on Essex County Council to take action over what he says is a dangerous corner often blighted by accidents.

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He said: “I have been campaigning for traffic calming at this corner for the past four years and I now demand action from the council - no more speed surveys, no more accident statistics, we need action now.”

“If someone is killed on this bend soon it will be a tragedy, but no surprise. Essex County Council need to cough some extra cash up now.”

Mrs Hayden said that it took three months for a light stand which was hit by a car around Christmas to be replaced.

But county Cllr Tracey Chapman, cabinet nember for highways and transportation, said: “Essex County Council currently has no plans to install traffic calming measures at this site.

“In order to ensure that the Highways budget is spent in the most effective way, when planning road improvements across the county, accident data must be considered.

“Data from the past five years shows that there are other roads in the county which require new safety measures put in place over this particular site. Essex County Council is committed to ensuring that all road users are safe throughout the county, which is why this stretch of Pondfield Lane has a 30mph speed limit in place.”

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