UPDATE: Traffic delays as firefighters continue working on smouldering fire at Rainham industrial estate

An investigation is underway into how a large stack of waste caught fire on a Rainham industrial estate over the weekend.

Fire crews from Wennington, Hornchurch and Dagenham were called to the blaze at the Albright estate, Ferry Lane, at about 5.30pm on Sunday October 28, and remain on site as of Tuesday morning (October 30). They are using a mechanical digger to turn over the waste to ensure all the flames are out, and have been damping down the stack.

One Wennington firefighter said the waste, which consists of rags, wood and other flammable material, was intended for export to India as fuel – and because of its large size there are deep-seated pockets of heat that are prone to catch fire again.

The stack is about 10 metres high, 30 metres wide and 40 metres deep.

As a result of the hoses running across the road there are delays on Ferry Lane, but the road remains open.

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