UPDATE: More flooding problems in Brentwood borough area

FLOOD water has been causing more problems for motorists and residents across Ingatestone, Blackmore, Mountnessing and wider afield in Essex.

Essex County Fire and Rescue service had over ninety calls for help from across the county on Monday and Tuesday nights, and have rescued several people, including three men trapped in a minibus, and a 93-year-old woman.

The fire service has warned residents that they can only help in sitauations when a person’s life is at risk.

A spokesman said: “When flooding is caused by rain, as was the case overnight, pumping the water from a person’s home or garden does not solve the problem. It simply moves it to the next home or garden or it floods straight back in as it is being pumped.

“In most cases, callers were advised to isolate their electrical supply and to call back immediately if the flooding did begin to affect their electricity.”

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The 93-year-old woman was rescued from her car in flood water in Maldon Road, Mountnessing, on Tuesday (January 18) and was suffering effects from the cold water.

The minibus was stuck in Buttsbury Wash, Mountnessing Road, Ingatestone last Friday (January 14) with three men inside.

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Two women had to be rescued in separate incidents after driving into water on Burnt House Lane, Ingatestone and Red Rose, Blackmore respectively on Monday (January 17). One said that water had started to flood into her car.

A van and it’s driver were also rescued on Tuesday on Stock Lane, Ingatestone.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Gary Fleming said: “We urge drivers to take caution when driving into flooded areas of road. The water can be deceptively deep and cars quickly become trapped.

“This puts the occupants of cars at great risk and can tie up fire crews for a long time carrying out complicated rescues.

“It is better to add a few minutes to your journey time by finding routes which avoid flood water than risk damaging your car and endangering your life.”

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