UPDATE: Man’s thumb amputated after horror attack in Rainham

A MAN was beaten with a baseball bat and lost a thumb in a brutal attack following a dispute outside a party in Rainham.

The 23-year-old was set upon by four teenage boys when they were refused entry to the family party in Frederick Road shortly before 1am Saturday, Havering Police said.

He had been supervising the family birthday party and was attacked with sticks and a bat.

He was taken to a hospital with head injuries and damaged thumbs, one of which had to be amputated. He has since been released.

A neighbour in Askwith Road said: “I heard they stood on him to pin him down with their feet on his arms and then stamped on his hands.”

Neighbours said they heard loud noise coming from the party but didn’t realise there had been a serious assault until they saw the police cordon.

A neighbour in Frederick Road said he estimated about 100 people were at the party in the three-bedroom house and youngsters were hanging around out the front and in the back garden.

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He called the police to complain about the noise and was told he wasn’t the first.

“There were a lot of arguments going on outside. I had a bottle chucked in my garden which I threw back over.

“I called police and 10 minutes later loads of cars turned up and then I heard about the attack.”

He said: “This isn’t just any normal assault. He’s practically lost the use of both thumbs, its like losing the function of your hands.”

The attackers, believed to be between 15 and 17 years old, tried to gain access to the house party through the back gate, in Askwith Road, when they were refused entry through the front door.

The victim shouted to alert those inside to shut the gate and the uninvited guests chased him to Askwith Road where they attacked him.

The house is believed to be unoccupied at present while work is being carried out to transform it into a day nursery.

The family who lived there moved to Emerson Park several months ago.

The Recorder was unable to make contact with the family.

The suspects were white and one was described as having distinctive blond hair and wearing a black jacket with a red hooded top.

DC Clare Tonkins said: “If anyone has information relating to the incident, or recognises the descriptions of the suspects, please contact me at Romford police station on 0300 123 1212 or anonymously via crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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