'Relief' as speed reduction measures approved for Collier Row crash hotspot

Update on Mawney Road junction

As of March this year, four cars have crashed into the Collier Row home of Tracy Jones and family - Credit: Tracy JOnes

Measures to slow traffic at a crash hotspot in Collier Row have been approved by councillors. 

The junction of Mawney Road and White Hart Lane was the site of five separate crashes over an 18-month period. 

Four of those incidents involved a single home on the corner of the junction, with the unlucky resident telling the Recorder in March that she had reached “breaking point”. 

Following the approval of the new measures, Tracy Jones said she was “very relieved”. 

“Once the improvements are done, I will be very happy and will feel safe in my home again,” she added. 

At the highways advisory committee meeting on November 16, Havering councillors approved improved signage, speed reduction features and safety barriers. 

Tracy said she believed the traffic calming features would slow motorists down but said she was worried about another incident occurring before the changes are introduced next year. 

Collier Row five car crashes

The house in Mawney Road is at the corner of a bend. - Credit: Tracy Jones

A 2018 incident saw a Mercedes crash through the wall of the Jones family home into the garden, crushing a children’s playhouse. 

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There were two crashes after police chases and another incident in which an allegedly stolen car rammed into the back garden. 

The plan will see speed tables installed outside three homes in Mawney Road, as well as two in White Hart Lane. 

These are wide, raised sections of road with ramps on either side, distinct from the short, round speed cushions currently in place at the site. 

A guard rail will also be erected from Mawney Road around the corner onto White Hart Lane. 

As a result of a consultation, which ended on October 22, three guard rail panels along White Hart Lane were removed from the originally proposed 11, reducing the risk for cyclists along White Hart Lane cycle lane. 

Signs on both streets will be upgraded and relocated. 

Chairing the meeting, Cllr Brian Eagling said the measures were “common sense”. 

The estimated cost of the changes is £57,500, taken from the highways investment programme budget. 

Responding to concerns about the potential for noise and vibrations as a result of the speed tables, interim head of highways, traffic and parking Nicolina Cooper said Havering Council could monitor the situation and consider alternative measures in future.