Review: HELD Winter trousers, tried & tested.

Winter trousers from HELD promise to keep you warm through the winter, the trousers feature reflecti

Winter trousers from HELD promise to keep you warm through the winter, the trousers feature reflective detail plus armour at the hips and knees - Credit: Archant

Let’s face it...winter in London can be grotty. The weather for starters. For the next couple of months we can expect frost, fog, rain sleet and snow. It’s also reasonable to expect problems on public transport.

So, this year I’ve decided I’m going to avoid public transport whenever I can... I’m going to use my scooter to get around London this winter.

I want to stay warm and safe, so I’m investing in decent winter riding gear.

A couple of months ago I bit the bullet and purchased a Rukka Armaxis jacket which although expensive is turning out to be one of the best riding gear investments I’ve ever made.

Last month I added a pair of winter trousers. Unlike the jacket, which I will wear year-round, I will only use textile trousers through the winter, so I can’t quite justify the cost of buying over trousers to match my Rukka jacket.

After looking around at various options, I decided to go for HELD’s Winter trousers. HELD clothing has built a very good reputation for quality over recent years. At a middle-of-the-road price of £229, their winter trousers come with a very high spec for the money:

Removable thermal lining with additional aluminium backing to reflect heat Scotchlite reflective panels 6 outer pockets Ventilation zippers front and back Storm seal on trouser hems Pittards seat panel Stretch panels at knees Height adjustable soft knee armour with EN1621-1 certification Removable Temperfoam inlays at hips Connection zippers Waist and lower leg adjustment REISSA Z-Liner for reliable wind & water protection

What are they like to wear?

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Hot! Never before have my legs been too hot on a motorbike in Britain, in December. The first time I wore the HELD trousers the outside air temperature was about 11 degrees. The HELD trousers did such a good job at keeping my body warmth in that after about 20 mins my legs were overheating. I wished that Held had been making these trousers 15 years ago when I was perpetually cold in winter as a motorbike courier.

I took out the detachable lining for the next few trips and the leg temperature was nigh-on perfect.

Getting the trousers on and off is fine... each leg has a decent-length rear-facing zip which makes them easy to slip on over normal trousers. The only slight niggle is that the opening gets a bit tight to pull down over winter boots, but it’s not a major drama.

The legs are a snug fit, which helps keep warmth in, and from a safety point of view, they come with removable ‘Temperfoam’ armour at the hips, and height-adjustable soft armour at the knees.

Now that the weather has started to turn colder I have re-attached the inner lining, and put them to the test the other morning.

I rode the 60 miles from Colchester to London at 7am, with the outside temperature gauge reading just 1 degree centigrade. Factoring in the effect of wind-chill at 70mph, the ‘real’ temperature would have been closer to -4degrees.

With the thermal lining zipped into the HELD winter trousers, my legs were still warm when I arrived at work.

For more information about the Held range of winter clothing, visit

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