'Causing chaos': Harold Wood man calls for action against 'dangerously' parked lorries

parked lorry

A lorry parking on double yellow lines outside the Gallows Corner Tesco - Credit: Mark Beslier

A Harold Wood resident claims lorries are parking "dangerously" at Gallows Corner Tesco.  

Mark Beslier, who works as a flooring surveyor, lives in Nightingale Crescent and alleges he has witnessed lorries causing "chaos" in Bryant Avenue over the past year.  

He says lorries park across two yellow lines or in a bay designed to be used only for loading or unloading.

“It’s bang out of order and you have to stand halfway in the road to see if it’s safe to cross," said Mark. 

“It’s causing chaos and it’s so dangerous."

A Tesco spokesperson apologised for "any inconvenience caused" and said safety remains a "number one priority".

They added: "The management team at our Romford Gallows Corner Extra will be monitoring the situation and asking any lorry drivers to move along and avoid parking in these areas when they are not loading or unloading."

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A Havering Council spokesperson said: “We understand the ongoing concerns and are keen to work with residents and Tesco to resolve these issues.” 

Over the course of the year, Mark claims he has contacted Tesco and the council around 30 times about the problem. 


Mark said he frequently spots the lorries parking 'dangerously' - Credit: Mark Beslier

The council’s spokesperson said: “Enforcement officers continue to enforce in this location with 11 visits to Bryant Avenue and four penalties issued this year.” 

Mark would like to see parking enforcement CCTV installed for safety measures.