Consultation opens on measures to fix crash hotspot in Collier Row

Collier Row junction improvements

Residents have until October 22 to comment on plans to improve a Collier Row junction which has become something of a crash hotspot. - Credit: Michael Robinson

The long-awaited consultation on how to make a crash hotspot in Collier Row safer has opened.

As reported by the Recorder in August, stronger safety measures are to be implemented at the now-notorious Mawney Road/White Hart Lane junction.

Calls for improvements to this junction - the home of five crashes in the 18 months prior to April - have been growing.

Nobody has been more affected than Tracy Jones, whose family home on Mawney Road had been crashed into four times in the year and a half before March.

The council committed to a revamp in August, before informing residents last week that a consultation was on its way.

Now available online, residents have been sent the proposals with explanatory plans detailing their practical effect.

The first proposal is to upgrade the existing speed cushions outside property numbers 391/392/394 Mawney Road and 3/5 White Hart Lane to speed tables.

While speed cushions are short, raised, rounded devices, speed tables are a wider raised section of road with ramps on both sides.

It is also proposed to erect a guardrail from 405 Mawney Road to bend around the corner onto White Hart Lane.

Additionally, the council wishes to upgrade and relocate the bend signs on both streets, alongside the existing chevron signs which advise the same.

"We are very pleased with what is planned," said Tracy, who's keeping "everything crossed" that they go ahead.

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The Mawney Road resident added: "We have lived in this house fearing any noise from outside. The accidents have had such an impact on us, we are just grateful no one has been hurt or worse, killed.

Collier Row crash hotspot

Tracy Jones' home pictured after one of the four crashes to have taken place in the 18 months before March. - Credit: Tracy Jones

"We are mentally drained from it. We lived minutes away from this house and bought it to do up and better our family life. The crashes stopped us in our tracks."

She also wished to thank Mawneys councillor Jason Frost, who has been among the most ardent campaigners for change.

Responses to the consultation will be discussed at the Highways Advisory Committee meeting on November 16.

To comment, email or write to the Interim Schemes Highways Service Unit Manager at Havering Town Hall.

Comments must be received by October 22.

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