The best winter accessories to beat the barometer

During the months of January and February, there’s no other option but to layer up and beat the barometer.

Wearing a winter coat solo just isn’t going to cut it when Jack Frost is at work - you need practical woolly, furry or insulating essentials to keep out the cold.

The January sales are the perfect time to stock up on winter warmers.

The good news is that these accessories aren’t trend-led so they’ll keep for the next cold snap too. Time for an injection of snug style.

Head first

You may have been accustomed to wearing a party hat recently but you’ll need more than a cracker offering to withstand frosty climes.

It’s a winter myth that you lose more than a third of your body heat from the head but a winter hat is an effective way to battle the elements.

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You might inadvertently become a bit of a head-turner too. A hat creates an instant style statement and it’s usually the accessory that dominates an outfit, so choose your headgear wisely.

If you want to go conservative, head for a woolly beanie, up the stakes with an oversized bobble hat or go totally OTT with a Russian-style faux fur Cossack hat.

Ears can really feel the chill. Try a trapper style for a multi-tasking head and ear warmer or forgo the hat altogether for a cosy pair of ear muffs for an instant youthful look.

For something less confined to winter, choose a felt hat in an opulent shade.

Finger de-freezers

No matter how gorgeous your cocktail rings from Santa Claus are, it’s worth covering them up to keep your hands cosy.

If the cold is really biting, ensure you’re wearing a top with sleeves that are snug at the wrist for extra insulation.

While mittens keep your hands slightly warmer than gloves, they compromise your mobility. If you want to be really versatile, look for a pair that can convert from mittens to fingerless with one magic manoeuvre.

For durability and sleek style, you can’t beat a pair of leather gloves. This winter they’ve been updated with contrast panels of fur, wool or shearling for extra detail.

If you’re bored by black, this season leathers come in a variety of rich colours like berry or navy.

Neck warmers

Swap that party season choker for some winter-friendly statement neckwear.

There are two fashion camps when it comes to accessorising your neck: scarf or snood.

If you prefer something that you can bury your face in, a snood is the winter warmer to covet. While a woolly version can usually be wrapped twice around your neck (or head), a faux fur style will just be one size so ensure it’s the shape that you’re looking for.

When it comes to scarves, “the bigger, the better” should be your mantra. If your winter coat is plain, try a print scarf to add interest but stick to block colours if your outerwear is loud and attention-grabbing.

For an accessory that’s cosy but not restrictive, try a faux fur stole to add some instant glamour and warmth - not to mention reinventing a tired winter coat.