‘Thank-you to good Samaritans who helped out when I was trapped in Romford car park’ - Rainham mum, 44

Michelle Reid said she was trapped in the car park for 20 minutes

Michelle Reid said she was trapped in the car park for 20 minutes - Credit: Archant

Rainham mother Michelle Reid is hoping to trace the Good Samaritans who came to her rescue when a shopping trip turned nasty.

It began when Michelle, 44, drove to the privately-run Ducking Stool Lane car park, near Romford Market, on Sunday, December 23.

Mistakenly thinking Sunday parking was free, she hadn’t brought any change with her – which quickly led to difficulties.

Michelle, of Lower Mardyke Avenue, said: “When I got to the barrier I couldn’t get out – I had no cash and the machine didn’t take cards. I pressed the help button but there was no answer.

“I was there for about 20 minutes and the queue was backing up – every time I looked up there were more cars. I was shaking and panicking.

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“People were tooting and shouting – it was intimidating. If it had carried on they would probably have pulled me to pieces.”

Michelle realised she would have to lift the barrier or phone the police for help.

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Then a young couple walked past and showed Michelle a little festive goodwill. They paid the £3 fee for her and told her not to worry before heading off.

“I thought it was really sweet,” said Michelle. “Nobody else offered to help.”

She now wants to trace the couple so she can thank them in person.

She described them as in their late 20s. The man had dark hair in a ponytail and the woman was shorter, with long, blonde hair.

Britannia, the firm that runs the car park, had not responded to requests for comment as the Recorder went to press.

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