Takeaway Christmas dinners? It’s all gravy for Harold Wood company

Ben Crandon and George Mann tuck into their roast dinners

Ben Crandon and George Mann tuck into their roast dinners - Credit: Archant

Fancy letting someone else do the cooking on Christmas Day for a change? Well this year you can put the stuffing down and your feet up.

Friends Ben Crandon and George Mann have masterminded Deliveroast, a new takeaway service delivering roast dinners to homes in Havering.

The new company sprouted up six weeks ago and Ben says it has gone so well they have been persuaded to deliver the king of roast dinners.

“We kept getting asked about Christmas Day,” he said. “We tried to avoid it to be honest but we’re now doing it.”

The Harold Wood pair had the idea for a traditional English takeaway business for years before opening their Sunday service, offering a choice of roast gammon, roast beef or roast turkey dinners for £9.95.

“It’s going really well,” said Ben, 30. “The biggest surprise is the diversity of the customers. We have teenagers, people my age who use it as a normal takeaway service, people my mum and dad’s age – and my oldest customer is 92.”

The duo are already averaging 50 orders every Sunday and have received rave reviews on their site.

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Rose Harris wrote: “Perfect for a lazy Sunday! Roast beef very tasty, delivered quickly, great service.”

Another customer, William Byrne, wrote: “Fantastic. Ordered three roast dinners today.”

The plan now is to expand to a seven-day service.

“The orders are going up quite quickly,” said Ben. “Hopefully we will be able to expand it soon. It’s a good product. Reviews online say how pleased everyone is with it. We’ve not had any complaints.”

And despite the constant reminder of work, Ben and George can still find time to enjoy a roast.

“We do still have a little one on a Sunday - but we are getting a bit sick of them!” He joked.

Visit deliveroast.co.uk or call 01708 873 220 to order your dinner.

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