Swan rescued by canoe from icy Romford lake

HEAVY snowfall and sub-zero temperatures have got most of us in a fluster trying to get about with treacherous roads and disrupted rail services - but its not just us who are feeling the chill of the current cold snap.

A goose in Raphaels Park, got itself into a bit of a flap when it got stuck out on the iced-over lake. But lucky for him the Havering Parks officers were there to save him.

Resident Denise Roof who was taking a stroll in the snowy park, in Main Road, Romford, on Wednesday saw the rescuers in action.

Denise said: “The parks officers were there three hours in the cold and snow trying to break ice and throw out feed to the poor goose.

“One of them was on his canoe trying to rescue the poor bird while some of the other park patrol officers kept all the people away.”

She said some youngsters tried to cause trouble pelting snowballs and logs at the poor bird but the parks patrol officers “quickly escorted them out of the park”.

The rescue was the icing on the cake for Denise who said she was pleased with officers’ work in the parks recently.

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Denise said: “I want to say thank you to them for all the work they have done the last few months, they really have made our lives better going for a stroll through Lodge Farm and Raphaels Park. Even some of the youths that stopped our grandchildren from playing on the swings have now gone away.”

Parks protection manager Steve Rawlins said: “We are doing our utmost with fairly modest resources, using a small but experienced team of officers, committed to promoting safety and keeping the peace in our parks. All our officers are very much encouraged to hear that this resident has noticed a positive difference, due to our high profile patrols in Havering parks.”

Councillor Andrew Curtin, Cabinet Member for Towns and Communities, with special responsibility for Culture, said: “Officers from the parks security team were on patrol when they came across a goose which was stuck in the frozen lake.

“They worked with a volunteer from the swan rescue team to free the bird. We’d like to stress these were experts and no-one should ever step onto a frozen lake under any circumstances.”

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