Super slimmer Harold Hill woman shed four stone in five months!

�A Harold Hill woman who shed more than four stones in five months says she has never felt better.

Bonnie Collins, 35, was fed up with her weight after giving birth to two children and piling on the pounds – but she never felt it was the right time to get slim after suffering a miscarriage and losing her mother.

She said: “I never got back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I knew I had so much to lose that I would just give up.”

However, she decided to try the Cambridge Diet last year and was spurred on because she had a big family event to look forward to in the summer.

The diet replaces meals with low-calorie food such as soups, shakes, porridge and snack bars.

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By sticking to the plan, and seeing a consultant, which is required as part of the diet, she lost the weight by September and kept it off.

She went from 14 stone, seven pounds to 10 stone, five pounds.

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Her dress size dropped from 18 to 10.

Bonnie said: “I found that food was an emotional part of my life and when I was stressed I wanted to eat. I do still feel like that but I have learned to control it.

“Everybody who sees me now says I’m happier and look more comfortable in my own skin.

“I feel fantastic – like I have got me back. I have come away from the person I was and feel I have my confidence back.”


Because of her weight loss she decided to train to become a consultant and is now advising others in the Harold Hill and Harold Wood areas who are on the diet.

She said: “I owe my consultant Emma Kruse so much because she helped me, and thanks to her I now have a career helping others.”

n If you are interested in learning more about the diet you can contact Bonnie on 01708 371889 or 07930 152167 or Emma Kruse on 07787 757873 or

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