Still upbeat despite latest defeat

Daggers manager John Still felt the positive aspects from his side’s performance in their defeat Crawley bode well for an imminent revival.

The Reds came from behind to inflict a ninth defeat from 10 league games on Daggers and stay top of League Two.

But Still felt the overall performance from his side - who played with 10 men for 73 minutes after Scott Doe’s dismissal - gives them something to build from as they look to steer clear of the bottom two.

“What we got tonight was a performance that over the years we’ve become used to, as opposed to some of the performances of late,” he said.

“We watched the DVD from Saturday with all the players, and I saw really poor defensive mistakes - but we had 70 per cent possession.

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“When you make mistakes you get a bit downhearted, you get a bit low and it’s really important that we put things in context. Its not about how we’re playing, it’s the mistakes that we’re making.

“If we can overcome that bit I think we’re playing alright. The performance at Crawley was very, very good.

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“John Lyall told me many years ago when he was at West Ham that you go through a run sometimes where every individual in a team ends up making a mistake. So, you have to decide ‘do I leave this player out, that player out…’ and its almost, he said, like playing well and not having a goalkeeper, because if they have a shot it’s going to go in, no matter how you play.

“I felt the game on Saturday was a bit like that, it was a poor result, but not as poor a performance as some people may think and when the players saw the DVD I think they were quite shocked.

“I’m a bit of a bore. I’m not a drinker or a gambler. I spend a lot of time at home watching DVDs of games that we’ve had and teams that we’re playing and write lots of notes.

“I look back over the years at times when things haven’t been quite right, not just at Dagenham, but going back to my days at Peterborough and Lincoln and the over-riding thing is that you just have to keep working hard.

“I believe in the players and if you work hard you can make it happen.”

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