Comedian: 'No one in history is pleased their hot drink is in polystyrene'

Members of Extinction Rebellion during protest march in central London. Picture date: Saturday Augus

Extinction Rebellion protesting in London over the August bank holiday weekend - Credit: PA

Have you seen the clip from the Extinction Rebellion protest that shows a bunch of activists doing some sort of interpretive dance work while putting a hat on a lump of broccoli to show something.

I worry about our impact on the environment but even if you disagree with my position, we can all agree on one thing: no one likes drama students.

While Extinction Rebellion are certainly successful at getting in the news, which may raise awareness of the issues, I worry that causing a nuisance to people on their way to work is going to lose hearts and minds.

Steve Allen.

Steve Allen is worried about our impact on the environment - Credit: Steve Allen

Some people are so annoyed by the actions of these groups that they become entrenched in their anti-eco-friendly position.

Didn’t we all assume that the future would have electric cars in it? As a child, I thought it would happen on our way to a Jetsons-style life. People would have been OK with that but on hearing electric cars might be good for the planet, they baulk.

That is why I was pleased to read the news that single-use plastic plates, cutlery and polystyrene cups could be banned in England under government plans. Surely I have found the area where we can all agree.

No one in the history of humanity has been pleased that their hot drink came in a polystyrene cup. They let all of the heat through into your fingers and they don’t come with a handle because that would be too easy.

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If we work hard to identify the areas where both sides of the argument agree, we could do more to protect the environment without falling out all the time.

If we need something that just produces a lot of hot air, we don’t need a pointless debate, we have some carbon dioxide that can do it for us.