Comedian: 'Vaccine passports won't work - here's my solution'

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The government is suggesting a passport for vaccinated people - Credit: PA

Sometimes I amaze myself at how wrong I can be in my analysis of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

When people first mentioned the idea of a vaccine passport, I thought it would be brought in swiftly by the government. When there was a small fraction of the population vaccinated, a passport system would have been useful.

Given a choice between a business staying closed or allowing it to open up to those who had been vaccinated, I’d be happy to see a system that let it resume business.

Much to my surprise, ministers at the time said that such a scheme wouldn’t be brought in.

Steve Allen.

Steve Allen does not think vaccine passports will work - Credit: Steve Allen

By the time I’d had both of my shots, I’d stopped thinking about the idea of a vaccine passport. Almost nine in 10 adults have had a single dose in the UK so statistically, the same fraction of people drinking near me should be carrying antibodies.

I tend to not drink in pubs that get caught serving underage people, so that helps.

The government has now suggested the vaccine passport is on its way. They say it will be useful in keeping nightclubs open in the winter but at this rate, by the time the scheme is up and running, nearly everyone will be fully vaccinated.

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It’s controversial but I think the only solution is a non-vaccine passport scheme.

Hear me out. Soon the number of people who refused a vaccine will be very small. It’s a much easier task to hand out paperwork to the smaller number.

What’s more, most people who spend their time being angry online about this topic seem like they would willingly and proudly hold a passport to declare that they haven’t been jabbed.

It seems like a good idea so I am sure this won’t happen either.