Comedian: 'I'd ask for band's advice on egg and soldiers, not masks'

Fred and Richard Fairbrass of Right Said Fred arriving for the BMI London Awards 2018 at the Dorches

Fred and Richard Fairbrass of Right Said Fred criticised people wearing masks during the pandemic - Credit: PA Images

In the coming weeks it will be worth remembering we have always had the right to wear a mask.

In the before times we were free to dress up as a dandy highwayman or a Ronald Reagan at Halloween. You couldn’t wear a biker helmet into a bank and there were some face coverings that Boris Johnson would write a column about how they looked like postal street furniture, but we were free.

As the laws making us wear masks are eased, it’s important to remember that people can still wear one if they want.

There have been a worrying number of people on social media mocking those who will still be masking up. If you have spent the last few months shouting that mask-wearing should be a matter of personal choice, you should respect people’s personal choice to wear one.

Steve Allen.

Steve Allen says after a few months of living with your partner you’re done with the hugging phase - Credit: Steve Allen

Most notable among the mask denouncers was the 90s group Right Said Fred. They said on Twitter: “Your mask tells me I don’t need to talk to you… You are superfluous to requirements.”

Said the band that hasn’t had a hit in decades.

To be fair, they didn’t wear shirts because they thought they were too sexy for them so it is no surprise to find they don’t like wearing masks.

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If I wanted advice on what to do with my soldiers and boiled egg I’d listen to them as I like to get “deeply dippy” but do we need this mask intervention?

Wear or don’t wear one Fred, but why attack those who choose to?

Don’t worry about their opinions. The only factors in if you wear a mask should be your thoughts, values and wants.

It’s “those simple things”, as someone once sang.

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