Comedian: 'We weren’t outclassed or out-footballed, we were out-lucked'

England fans leave the UEFA Euro 2020 Final at Wembley Stadium

England fans leave the UEFA Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium - Credit: PA Images

As anyone who listens to my new Drive Time show on the radio, which starts at 3pm because you might as well set off early,  knows that I don’t know much about football.

So, when I heard that the Euros 2020 tournament was taking place I thought to myself: “It’s 2021 now, so I am glad I missed it.”

As I am sure you know, it was delayed for some reason and I got to witness something I never thought I’d see.

Football started to bring us all together. After months of news being mainly downbeat, I started to notice stories about England winning.

It was an unusual concept to talk about on the radio. Callers to the show seemed less depressed and I hadn’t improved at radio presenting, so I knew something must be going on.

Steve Allen.

Steve Allen says after a few months of living with your partner you’re done with the hugging phase - Credit: Steve Allen

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That spirit lasted all the way to the end. I watched the final and to lose on a penalty is actually pretty good.

We weren’t outclassed or out-footballed, we were out-lucked.

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I know people who went to the match and they have told me they saw England fans shaking the hands of the Italy fans, making jokes about preferring their pizzas deep-pan anyway and everyone getting on well.

It was a shock to see that social media had once again allowed the worst type of people to express the worst type of thought. To those who gave abuse to the players who missed their penalties, have a word with yourself.

This team got to the final. They deserve respect. I’m guessing most of the keyboard idiots would be out of breath just walking to the penalty spot.

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