Smoking takes its toll on your looks, Havering young people warned

�Smoking ravages your looks as well as your health – this is the message Havering’s anti-smoking team is trying to get across to young people.

Havering Stop Smoking Service, run by North East London NHS Foundation Trust, raises awareness of the dangers of smoking and helps people to quit.

It recently visited Havering College’s three sites at Ardleigh Green, Quarles in Harold Hill and the Rainham Construction Campus, as part of its campaign to highlight the detrimental health effects of smoking to young people.

The service’s acting leader Arran Woodhouse said: “We offered carbon monoxide testing to the young people and many signed up for help and support to quit smoking.

“We are continually trying to get the message across to young people that smoking does have serious effects on your looks. It speeds up the ageing process, affects oral health, eyes, the respiratory system and it also affects your sexual health.

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“We all need to be aware that smoking does kill and smoking when you are young can have serious implications later in life.”

Mr Woodhouse and his team are supporting the Deborah Hutton Campaign.

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Launched by the Recorder and its sister papers last month, it aims to stop young people from picking up the habit.

The campaign is in memory of Deborah Hutton, a 49-year-old journalist who died of lung cancer despite only smoking between the ages of 15 and 24.

It highlights the dangers of smoking, even for a short period, to young people.

They are being encouraged to make two-minute films on the subject.

Shopping centre stall

Havering Stop Smoking Service will be promoting National No Smoking Day in The Mercury shopping centre, Romford, next Wednesday (March 14).

The team will be raising awareness of the health risks of smoking and giving support and advice to people who want to quit.

There is a vast network of pharmacists, GPs and other health professionals in Havering who are trained to help people quit.

People of any age can access the free service. But the Nicotine Replacement Therapy can only be prescribed to those aged 12 and over.

n Havering Stop Smoking Service can be reached on freephone 0800 032 0102. It will give you details of services available and your nearest adviser.

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