Serial fundraiser Lloyd Scott set to climb The Gherkin in diving suit

Lloyd Scott during the Olympic Torch Relay in Haringey

Lloyd Scott during the Olympic Torch Relay in Haringey - Credit: LOCOG/Press Association Images

Serial fundraiser Lloyd Scott will be climbing the Gherkin skyscraper in an antique diving suit for his latest challenge.

The former footballer and firefighter aims to reach the top of the famous London tower in six hours to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.

Lloyd, 52, of Rainham, will climb 38 floors and 1,037 steps inside 30 St Mary Axe in an antique 1940s deep-sea diving suit weighing 140lbs.

The challenge will take place tomorrow (Saturday) as part of Britain’s Personal Best weekend. It is an event to reignite the spirit of last year’s Olympics and for people to reach their personal bests.


Mr Scott, who was awarded an MBE in 2005 for his charity efforts, had played professional football for Blackpool and Leyton Orient and worked as a firefighter in the 1980s.

After rescuing two small boys from a fire in Dagenham, he was taken to hospital and diagnosed with leukaemia.

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When he recovered, he turned his energy to charity work.

He has raised more than £5million for charity and is best known for completing the London Marathon in the diving suit in 2002, taking five days, eight hours and 29 minutes – breaking the world record for the slowest marathon ever.

He is raising money for the British Heart Foundation after his father and grandfather both suffered from health problems.

He said: “I’m always striving to push myself to the limit and want to climb inside the Gherkin in an antique diving suit to prove that anything is achievable if you set your heart and soul to it.

“One of the biggest problems is because of the weight of the suit I am unable to gain any momentum whatsoever.

“It really is a case of one slow step at a time and lifting the 140 lbs 1,037 times!

“I want to raise funds for my favourite charity the British Heart Foundation to fight against heart disease and inspire others to join – that to me is what achieving your personal best is all about.”