Royal wedding clash for Elm Park lovers

A COUPLE who found love 22 years after they first met are to share their wedding day with royalty.

Pam Young and Chris Davies, of Lancaster Drive, Elm Park, booked their big day for Friday, April 29 next year only to find out the following week it would be the same day Prince William and Kate Middleton would be getting hitched!

Pam, 46, said: “We couldn’t believe it. It was our day and now they’re going to take our limelight! We’re not bothered really, we think it’s quite funny. We just said what are the chances of it happening?”

“The good thing is at least everybody can now come because they’re making it a Bank Holiday.”

Pam and Chris, 53, got engaged in August while enjoying a whirlwind romance following a chance meeting at a mutual friend’s engagement party in May.

They were an item back in the late 1980s but eventually went their separate ways and married other people – Pam once and Chris twice.

Now after life in the single lane for five years for Pam and 12 years for Chris, the couple have reunited and in six months sold their own homes and bought one together, opened a business, got engaged, booked their wedding and begun planning it.

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Pam, who runs a card and balloon shop in Station Parade, Elm Park, said: “I hadn’t seen him all that time until this year. I sensed someone was watching me at the party. When he approached me we just didn’t stop talking.

“It just feels like the years apart never happened.”

The couple will be tying the knot at Ye Olde Plough House, in Bulphan, and are making it a big family affair with Pam’s three daughters and Chris’s daughter as bridesmaids, his son as best man, and Chris’ two grandsons as page boys.

Pam said: “We were originally going for May 20 but not all our children could get the time off work, so we changed it. The registrar offered that date so we took it.”

The couple celebrated their engagement with party on Saturday with family and friends.

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