Romford woman, Victoria Tremlett’s constant fight for survival waiting for lung transplant

A young woman on borrowed time waiting for a double lung transplant says that her life has now become a constant battle to survive.

Victoria Tremlett, 24, who is known as Tor, says that her condition has deteriorated and her life depends on getting the organ donation.

She said: “My life is utterly dependant on getting a transplant, without one there is no hope for me.

“Everyday is a tremendous struggle and a constant battle to stay alive.”

False alarm

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Tor, from Romford, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, has been waiting for a lung transplant for the last four years.

On seven separate occasions she has received a false alarm for a transplant, but there has been no successful match.

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Tor now has to depend on oxygen all day, she uses a wheelchair to get around and is on a daily routine of treatment and a non-invasive ventilator to help her to breathe.

She said: “My life is a world away from others of my age.

“I barely leave the house except for hospital appointments and am completely reliant on my mum to help me wash, dress and look after me.

“Life is basically limited to my bedroom and even the 20 steps to the bathroom is beyond me some days.”

Tor’s comments come in the wake of changes in the process at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

The changes, which came into place on Monday, mean that drivers will have to state whether they want to be organ donors when they apply for a new or replacement licence.

Tor said: “I think if more people could realise what a difference transplants make to people’s lives then it would encourage them to sign up as donors.

“From the immense sadness of a death, someone else can be given life and there is no greater gift than that.

“It takes two minutes to register as a donor and what most people don’t realise is that you are more likely to need a transplant than become a donor.

“Anyone could need a transplant at some stage. Would you be willing to take an organ but not give one?”

She added: “Please sign up, don’t leave it to another day.You could literally be saving a life like mine.

“One person can save up to nine lives – what better legacy is there?”

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