Romford shopkeeper aims to get back to fitness with charity blog

A Romford shopkeeper is preparing for an 18 month body building challenge in aid of charity.

Lee Paterson, 50 who runs 99 Nutrition in North Street is aiming to get fit so that he can compete in the Mabba Body Building competition in May next year for the Claire-Louise Ferris Memorial Trust.

He said: “Every part of me aches and it is hard because of my age but I am determined to do it because it is for such a good cause.”

As part of the challenge, Lee has been keeping a blog following his journey into competition fitness after a 30 year break from body building,

Called 99 nutrition, the blog contains a daily diary about Lee’s progress and tips from former body building champion Patrick Nicholls who is training Lee back to fitness.

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The blog has already become a success and Lee has even been invited to write for the Health and Body Magazine after they saw the blog.

Lee said: “The blog is good for charity because people can get these tips and then leave a donation, but it is also good for people who want to get fit.

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“A lot of people want to look good without putting in the hard work but I am trying to show people that the only way of getting fit is by being healthy.”

Lee, who gave up body building in the 80s came up with the challenge because he wanted to get back into good health and fitness.

He decided to do the challenge for the Claire-Louise Memorial Fund, a charity set up in memory of Claire-Louise Ferris who died in a road traffic accident in May 2006.

Her parents Sue and Dave Ferris set up the charity to help youngsters with disabilities to get into music, which was part of Claire-Louise’s life long dream.

Lee said: “When I heard about what had happened to their daughter, I really wanted to do the challenge but I said that it would be brilliant to help them out too.”

Sue Ferris said: “She ran a dance school but she really believed that music could help disabled children so all the money that we raise goes to help different schools and groups in the community to achieve this.”

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