'Told them weeks ago': Harold Hill mother's plea to repair flood damage

Flash Floods Romford

Joanne took this photo from outside of her window in Harold Hill. She said she was "shocked" to see the devastation caused by the flooding. - Credit: Joanne Mckenzie

A mother living in Harold Hill is calling for action to repair damage in her home caused by the flash flooding more than two months ago.  

Joanne Mckenzie has lived in Tauton Road, Harold Hill since 2007, but in 2016 and June this year, her home was hit by flooding.

The threat of flooding damaging properties is a looming threat, with east London suffering multiple bouts of serious flooding over the past five years.

She said: “I am so frustrated and so fed up with it now, the council are not doing anything and are not having anything done.”  

The 43-year-old claims the authority gave her a humidifier which only worked for an hour before it broke. Joanne alleges Havering Council promised to replace it, but never did.  

A spokesperson for Havering Council says it is working with Joanne to fix issues in her home.  

Due to the “awful” smell and spread of mould in her kitchen units, oven and freezer, Joanne says she is forced to live upstairs. 

She said: “All my floors are swollen downstairs, the kitchen floor is all messed up and unlevel and I told them this weeks ago, no one has come to change it.”  

Joanne Mckenzie

A photo of Joanne's uneven and swollen kitchen floor. - Credit: Joanne Mckenzie

However, Joanne said she was shocked to be offered an "environmental clean", which she claims wasn’t an option when the flooding hit in 2016.  

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A spokesperson for Havering Council said: “We feel for anyone who has been affected by the recent flash floods and will always do all we can to help. 

“We are aware of the issues at this property and continue to work with the resident to fix them.  

“Everyone has the right to feel happy and safe in their homes and we want to make sure that is the case for this resident and all of our residents.” 

Joanne said: “The flood already happened in 2016 and in 2021 it’s happening again. It’s unfair to all the residents. It’s frustrating and depressing as well.” 

Soon after the June flooding there was a downpour in July which saw the London Fire Brigade 999 control room take more than 1,000 calls to incidents across London.

Joanne Mckenzie

Joanne's kitchen units and cupboards are covered in mould from the flooding. - Credit: Joanne Mckenzie

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