Dispersal powers in force in Romford to deter antisocial behaviour

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Officers and designated police community support officers in uniform can remove people from an area - Credit: PA WIRE

A police dispersal order is in force in Romford centre over the next few weeks.  

Romford Town Met Police said the section 35 dispersal power aims to reduce “antisocial behaviour and crime” in the area. 

They have not yet confirmed exactly when the order ends. 

Section 35 of the antisocial behaviour, crime and police act 2014 can be used by officers and designated police community support officers in uniform to remove people from an area.  

The power allows officers to exclude people from an area for a period of up to 48 hours, with an inspector's authority.  

It can not only be used when behaviour, disorder or crime is or has happened, but also if it is likely to occur and does not only apply to alcohol-related incidents.  

An officer's direction must be in writing and specify the area it relates to, and may impose requirements such as the timings and manner by which the person must leave.

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Non-compliance is an offence.

In a tweet, the Met Police said: “Officers will be out on patrols and will robustly deal with anyone committing criminal offences and antisocial behaviour”.