Romford Pictures: To mum... with all our love

Sally Davis with daughter Sandra Davis.

Sally Davis with daughter Sandra Davis. - Credit: Archant

They bring you into this world, care for you and deserve some recognition. With Mother’s Day this Sunday we invited readers to surprise their mums with a special personalised message in the Recorder. We received some heartfelt messages, which we share with you

Christine Milbank with her daughters Sarah Adams and Hayley Blackman.

Christine Milbank with her daughters Sarah Adams and Hayley Blackman. - Credit: Archant

Jackie Kendell, from Hornchurch.

Elaine Prior with her daughter Tanya

Elaine Prior with her daughter Tanya - Credit: Archant

Her daughter Joanna Sayer said: “Although feeling unwell in October my mum was present, along with my husband, during the birth of my daughter Isabelle at Queen’s Hospital, Romford.

“Four days after the birth she suffered a heart attack and was admitted to Queen’s herself. After a 22-day wait she eventually underwent a triple heart by-pass and had a benign tumour removed from within the heart itself.

“She is now making good progress and is able to give Isabelle cuddles after weeks of being unable to even pick her up. She is a marvellous mum, and nan, and I and my brother Gareth want her to know how much we love her and how special she is to us.

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“After all she’s been through she’s always there for me and my brother and her four grand-children and never complains. Another reason we are so very proud of her is that after being a smoker for 45 years she has finally given it up, which proves it’s never too late.

“So I, her son Gareth Kendell and her four grand-children Tommy, Daniel, Ruby and little Izzy would just like to say....We love you Mum so very much.”

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Sally Davies, from Drummond Road, Romford,

Her daughter Sandra said: “Thanks mum, I love you, have a wonderful day, xx.”

And she wrote her a poem to show how much she means to her.

You are so very special

I am glad you are my Mum.

I want to thank you from my heart,

For all the things you have done,

For all the times you help me,

And show how much you care,

To let you know how much it means,

To know you’re always there.

Christine Milbank, of Whitchurch Road, Harold Hill,

Her daughters Sarah Adams, Hayley Blackman and son Richard Milbank said: “Happy Mother’s Day to our wonderful Mum!! Thank you for everything you do for us and your granddaughters! We love you lots xx.”

Gill Casey, from Romford.

Her daughter Holly Casey said: “Always smiling, always there when you need her, the best mum in world. xx.”

Sonia Davies, from Hornchurch.

Her son Steve Davies said: “As I’m out of the country for Mother’s Day, I wanted to surprise you with this! Have a nice, relaxing day. See you when I get back, love Steve.”

Sue Coombes, from Romford,

Her daughter Jordan Putney said: “What can I say about my mum? So kind, so generous, so loving, so thoughtful. You’re simply the best!”

Kerry Fitzgerald, from Collier Row.

Kerry’s daughter Zoe said: “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mum any daughter could ask for. Love you, you are my world mum. Love Zoe xxxx.”

Julie Wood, from Bader Way, Rainham,

Her daughter Zoey Wood-Thomas said: “Happy Mother’s Day to my super mum!”

Janet Seager, from Finucane Gardens, Rainham.

Her son Ricky. his partner Zoey Wood-Thomas, and daughter Lauren said: “‘Happy Mother’s Day, Mum from Ricky, Lauren and Zoey.”

Karen Turner, of Gidea Park.

Her daughters Jenna Kelly and Sarah Boreham said:

“Happy Mother’s Day.

We love you mum, nana and nanny.

Where would we be without you?

You are the best and thank you for everything you do for us all.

Love you unconditionally,

Sarah, Jenna,

Callum, Chloe, Kian and Maisie-Jane xxxxxx”

Betty Sandell, from St Stephen’s Crescent, Brentvvood.

Her daughter Andrea said: “Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum Betty Sandell. I love you very much, you are not just a mum but you are my best friend and have been there for me through difficult times as well as the good. I would not want to imagine life without you. Thank you for being there, you are the most loving, generous, thoughtful and caring mum anyone could ask for, thank you for all you do. Love you always. Andrea Xxx.”

Elaine Prior, from Harold Hill.

Her daughter Tanya said: “My mum is the best mum in the world. She is always there for everyone and always on the go to make everyone happy. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Love you mum, xxxxxx.”

Nancy Shelley, from Collier Row.

Her daughter Stacie Lyttle said: “When our dad died she was there so much for all of us and pulled us through. She is a carer for my brother and we would love to say she is a great Nan, mum and our best friend; and we want her to know ‘you are simply amazing just the way you are’ xxx.”

Denise Mumford, from Romford.

Her daughter Sarah sent this message in as a surprise. She said: “Mum, I know we was never the best of friends in previous years but I want to thank you for all your help with Lillie-Mae and all you’ve done for me.

“You think I don’t love or care about you, well I hope this shows how much I really do. Happy Mother’s Day, with all my love, Sarah xxx.”

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