Romford pensioner injured after being trapped in bus doors

A ROMFORD pensioner left unconscious when a bus drove off with him caught in the doors is appealing for witnesses.

Leslie Mason, 69, was boarding the packed 248 outside McDonald’s in Hornchurch High Street at 3.20pm on New Year’s Eve when he became trapped in the closing doors.

The bus continued to drive away, and was only stopped after frantic onlookers managed to attract the driver’s attention.

Now Leslie has launched a legal case against the bus company and is appealing for anyone who saw anything to come forward.

Unmarried Leslie was left unconscious as police, an ambulance crew and the fire brigade all attended the scene.

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The former merchant navy seaman said: “The driver must have known he was there as there were people shouting. He should have waited until it was safe for him to move on.

“I am struggling with the simplest activity, including changing bed sheets and shaving. I am very lucky to have such kind neighbours who have been taking care of me since the accident. I’ve been very upset by the experience which has changed my life and hugely burdened me, given that I am by myself.”

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Fahmida Hussain, the solicitor representing Leslie, said: “With both his right arm and leg trapped in the doors, he was unable to move as the bus moved away.

“After struggling to free his leg, Mr Mason’s right arm slid down the full length of the doors whereupon he fell and struck his head against the ground.

“Mr Mason could so easily have fallen under the wheels of the bus and been killed,” said Ms Hussain, a personal injury expert with Fentons Solicitors LLP.

“After banging his head, Mr Mason next remembers waking up in hospital the following day.

“He lost a lot of blood, and was incredibly lucky to have escaped with his life.”

Leslie was taken by ambulance to Queen’s Hospital, Rom Valley Way, Romford, where he remained for seven days before being transferred to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford.

“He has needed several operations on his right arm, including skin grafts,” said Mrs Hussain.

“He now faces consultations with a plastic surgeon and he’ll need further surgery on his injured arm, which worryingly has now begun to shake.

“This was a 69-year-old man who had been standing in line waiting to get on the bus, not someone sprinting for the bus who launched himself between the doors as they were closing.”

Anyone with information about the alleged incident can contact Ms Hussain at Fentons Solicitors LLP on: 0207 092 2855 or e-mail:

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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