‘Smacks of corporate greed’: 80-year-old struck by 53pc energy bill hike

A posed picture of a person checking a recent Scottish Power electricity bill against their Scottish

Michael believes a 53 per cent increase seems "excessive". - Credit: PA

An 80-year-old pensioner who has been hit with a 53 per cent energy bill hike has said it “‘smacks of corporate greed”. 

Michael Frost, who lives in Romford, was sent the increased fee by energy provider ScottishPower in his latest bill. 

However, a spokesperson for ScottishPower said the increase "reflect changes in energy market costs affecting suppliers across the world". 

They added: "This is the result of increases of more than 50pc in wholesale energy costs this year, including record-high gas prices."

Michael says he understands businesses will increase fees as costs rise, but says 53pc is “a little excessive”.  

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The proposed increase would take his monthly bill from £52 to £80 a month.

He said: “I am 80 and live alone, so my gas and electricity needs are minimal. 

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“It annoys me that utility companies seem to think they can ride roughshod over the public because of the products they supply.  

“I disagree and I think it is up to the public to question such increases every time they are proposed.” 

ScottishPower's spokesperson said they understand the impact "changes like this" have on customers and urged Michael to get in touch to discuss his concerns.

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