Romford MP’s close-up view of royal wedding

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell had a grandstand view of the royal wedding today - from his parliamentary office.

Mr Rosindell watched the action unfold this morning from Portcullis House, in Parliament Street, central London, which overlooks Parliament Square.

The fiercely royalist MP threw a champagne party in his office and invited mum Eileen, 86, and around 20 friends and staff – including Mawney Ward councillor Osman Dervish.

The group watched royal guests arrive from Mr Rosindell’s third floor office – which was festooned with flags and bunting - but stood outside for the arrival of Catherine Middleton.

At one point the party was “only two or three yards” from the bride as she made her way to Westminster Abbey, Mr Rosindell said.

“I had the most wonderful view,” he told the Recorder. “I could see everything from my office window. Kate looked stunning.

“The day proved the monarchy crosses divisions, politics and religion

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“It was a great day for the country; a great day for the royal family, and a great day for the people of Britain.”

He added: “I know there would have been a lot of people in Havering watching today – we are very royalist borough. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves.”

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