Romford MP Andrew Rosindell calls for live feather plucking ban

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has joined a charity in calling for a ban on live feather plucking.

Animal charity Four Paws alerted Mr Rosindell to the practice, which involves ripping feathers from live birds. The feathers are then used in items such as pillows, duvets and clothing in some parts of Europe. Birds can be left in pain and with bleeding follicles, skin tears and bruising. According to the charity the process of catching, carrying and restraining birds for plucking can also cause fear and distress and may result in injuries such as dislocations and fractures.

Mr Rosindell has tabled an early day motion calling on the government to support a total ban on the deliberate removal of feathers from live birds in Europe.

Four Paws’ head of programmes Angelique Davies said: “Ripping feathers from live birds is incredibly cruel. The birds suffer physical pain as well as mental trauma.

“There is only one reason why this is done to live birds – profit. Some birds are forced to go through this terrible ordeal several times before they are slaughtered.

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“The inherent cruelty of this practice has been recognised by the Council of Europe. The European Convention for the Protection of Animals Kept for Farming Purposes recommends that feathers and down shall not be plucked from live birds.

“It’s high time these recommendations were fully incorporated into European law.”

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