Romford market trader Susan Green died in accident, coroner finds

An investigation into the death of a market trader from Collier Row failed to conclude exactly how she came to be run over by her own car.

Susan Green, 52, died from multiple injuries on March 7 2011 near her home in Prestwood Drive, Collier Row when her car rolled back onto her on the road - which is sloped at a 70 degree angle.

The inquest into her death at Walthamstow Coroner’s Court concluded last Friday (February 10) that she died as the result of an accident.

But the coroner heard that it remains unknown exactly how she came to be behind the car, and exactly what caused it to roll backwards.

Coroner Chinyere Inyama read out witness statements from her husband Peter Green and their daughter Natalie.

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The inquest heard that Susan had said she was going to take some stock to the car.

Summarising Peter’s statement, Mr Inyama said that Susan “said she wouldn’t be long.

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“He was in the front room, he went outside to see the car was further down the road, near the junction with Clitheroe Road. Then he saw his wife under the motor.”

He also summarised a statement from Susan’s daughter Natalie, 26, which said: “I heard a scream, I went out and saw my mother under our car.

“I called 999 straight away. An ambulance lady came over to me and told me my mother had died.”

A statement from firefighter Stephen Bird, described how he rushed to break the car window to pull up the handbrake and put the car into neutral in an attempt to save Susan.

Police investigator Pc Christopher Thorne said he had carried out testing after the accident to see what caused the Ford Focus to roll backwards.

He said that the handbrake may not have been let off completely, but may not have been pulled up as far as it could go, and that any possible damage to the clutch probably wouldn’t have been enough to cause the accident by itself.

Mr Inyama asked him if items in the car may have knocked the gearstick and caused the car to roll back.

Pc Thorne said: “It would have to have been knocked around somehow. The firefighters moved a series of boxes out of the car. There was one very close to the gear lever.”

Susan had no underlying health issues and no significant traces of alcohol in her blood.

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