Romford man’s warning on loft insulation scheme

A DISABLED pensioner has warned others to be aware of misleading information given out by people advertising free loft insulation.

Ronnie Paterson, who walks on two sticks due to a failed hip operation, had a knock at his door from an employee of Miller Pattison in December, saying that he qualified for free loft insulation which would save him money on his bills.

“I asked him specifically if they required the loft to have a clear floor space,” Mr Paterson said: “To which he responded by stating that it didn’t provided half the area was clear the fitters would insulate one side, move the remaining kit over and finish the job.”

On receiving a phone call from the company Mr Paterson, of Mawney Road, again checked whether the entire loft needed to be cleared and was again told that half would suffice.

The 66-year-old and his wife Gillian cleared half of their belongings out of their loft, but when fitters arrived to install the insulation last week, they told him that he needed to have cleared out his entire loft or they couldn’t fit the insulation due to health and safety reasons.

“I just want to warn people about it,” said Mr Paterson. “Older people than me will be going up into their loft and moving things out for no reason. It’ll take us a week to get all our things back up there.”

A spokesperson from Miller Pattison said that lofts always need to be cleared before work can start on installing insulation and they are investigating the complaint.

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