Romford man found dead in bath

A YOUNG man was found dead in the bath after taking more than 16 times the fatal amount of pain killers.

An inquest into the death of Alviss Beltran from Owen Close, Romford heard that the 23-year-old was found in the bathtub on November 5 last year.

Walthamstow Coroner’s Court on Tuesday heard that Alviss’ mum, Julie Goldsmith became aware something was wrong when she returned from a three week holiday with her daughter and found that he had locked himself in the house.

When they finally managed to get into the house, they broke down the door of the bathroom door where Alviss was found.

Police were called to the scene where life was pronounced extinct.

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Earlier the court heard that the day before Alviss was seen by his step dad Michael Burn.

He told the court: “The day before I saw him and he was talking more and he was out of his room, he did not seem that he was going to do this.

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“He seemed a little bit sprightlier than normal and when I had spoken to him in the past he always said that he would never do anything like this because it would destroy his mother.”

Evidence was also heard from pathologist Dr Peter Tanner which showed that Alviss had overdosed on strong painkillers called Tramadal.

Earlier the court heard that the former Havering College student had a history of mental health problems and he had also taken cocaine and cannabis in the past.

The court heard that Alviss was intelligent, he enjoyed football and had lots of friends but he had gradually deteriorated spending more time in his room and only rarely going out.

His mum, Julie said: “If I had known that he would do something I would never have gone away on holiday but he had people that were looking in on him and his step dad told me that he was fine.”

After recording a verdict that he killed himself whilst the balance of his mind was unstable, Coroner Dr Elizabeth Stearns passed her condolences on to the family.

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