Romford girls’ international fame after shopping trip in bra and knickers

Two Romford women were among a group that helped enhance Essex’s image around the world this week by baring (almost) all on a cheeky shopping trip.

Lauren Johnson, 20, and Katie Ford, 22 entered a competition at Lakeside shopping centre where women were asked to appear in their best underwear and high heels in order to win a gift card and goodie bags.

But as well as hitting the national press in the UK, the revealing story was reported in the New York Daily News on Tuesday. The story – entitled “Women invade British mall in nothing but bras, panties and high heels” – has had 81 comments, and been linked-to more than 1,000 times on Facebook.

One reader questioned whether a similar competition would work in the US: “Can you imagine if they tried this at Walmart? would be enough to make us all throw up”.

Kylie Minor, a Lakeside spokesman, said: “We loved seeing all our luscious ladies looking gorgeous in their underwear and high heels.”

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