Romford father’s “extreme shock” after uninsured driver jumps red light, smashes into family’s car

A Romford father has spoken of his shock and anger after an uninsured driver smashed into his family’s car before fleeing the scene – leaving his 68-year-old mother in hospital.

Anil Tejura, 36, was driving his family home from a wedding reception late on Saturday evening (September 29) when a BMW jumped a red light at the junction of the A12 and North Street.

The car slammed into the side of Mr Tejura’s Honda Civic, sending the vehicle spinning into bollards on the opposite side of the road.

Once Mr Tejura had recovered from the shock of the impact his mind went straight to his passengers – his three-month-old daughter, his wife and his mother.

“My concern was for my family and my daughter,” he told the Recorder. “She’s only three months old, so I was extremely worried about her. I got out and went to see my daughter – and she was fine, which is incredible. She was unfazed.”

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But Mr Tejura’s mother Ansuya bore the brunt of the impact and was taken to Queen’s Hospital after a paramedic checked her over. Three fire engines and 12 firefighters also spent 45 minutes at the scene.

Mr Tejura said his mother was at the Romford hospital for five hours and her swelling was so bad she was now bed-ridden.

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“Because of the shock she couldn’t talk for 10 or 15 minutes,” he added.

Once he had seen to his family, pensions advisor Mr Tejura went toward the BMW – and found its occupants had abandoned it, leaving several empty cans of beer behind.

“I’m just feeling extreme shock,” he said. “I’m really shaken up, and angry at the same time because the police checked their database and the driver wasn’t even insured.

“The anger’s the most part of it – and relief at the same time. If you saw the damage to the vehicle you’d think there was a fatality.

“So the guardian angels must have been looking over us.”

If you have any information about the crash, please contact the police on 101.

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