New dad to hike 400 miles from Romford to Edinburgh in 10 days

Megan Matthews

David set off to complete his challenge this morning (September 13) at 1.30am. - Credit: Megan Matthews

A new father who struggled with his mental health throughout lockdown is setting off to Edinburgh today (September 13) - on foot.

David Hornsby will attempt the over 400-mile walk by averaging around 40 miles of walking a day in aid of his chosen mental health charity Mind.  

Beginning his walk this morning at 1.30am, David aims to reach Edinburgh Castle in 10 days' time.  

The 25-year-old, who lives with his fiancée Megan Matthews, 24, and their two-year-old son Riley, was furloughed from his sales director role during lockdown.

Megan said not being able to work was "difficult" for David, as their son was six months old at the time. 

David has previously suffered from mental health problems but said they got “10 times worse due to Covid and being in lockdown”.  

Being back at work is helping David to find a sense of normality and he offered advice to those who may be in a similar position: “Everyone always thinks that by holding all your emotions in, it will eventually go away. That will never happen.  

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“You have to either speak out to a friend or family member or even a work colleague. There is also professional help that you can receive.  

Megan Matthews

David with his son, Riley. - Credit: Megan Matthews

“If there is any type of advice to give anyone out there struggling, it's to just speak out, whether it’s to a professional or friend/family.  

“A smile to a stranger can go a long way as you may make their day. You never know what people are going through so just be kind and smile."

Megan commented on David’s tenacity: “I feel nervous but excited for him. He is doing something to help himself and others.  

“He has been preparing for the last six months by doing long walks and will be camping along the way.” 

His mother, Lesley Bineham, 53, said: “I want my son to know how very proud of him I am. He is such a determined, positive and focused young man – you're so ready for this challenge, David.”  

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