Romford couple “forced out of flat by Asda racket”

�A couple say they have been forced out of their home because of noise from the supermarket below their flat.

Liam O’Keeffe and Sam Fisher, of Lexicon Apartments, Mercury Gardens, Romford, live above lifts used by Asda in the Mercury Shopping Centre to move stock around.

For the past 16 months the couple say they have been subjected to so much noise from the lifts that they have had to move into temporary accommodation.

Noise nuisance

The Mercury said it was “deeply sympathetic” to the couple’s plight. Work has recently been completed to reduce the noise, including installing rubber buffers to the lift doors and replacing an alarm call bell with a silent flashing light, although the couple say this has not improved the situation.

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Insurance broker Liam, who bought the flat four years ago, said: “For the last 16 months it’s been getting worse and worse.

“The noise pollution has had a detrimental effect on mine and Sam’s health, our working life and our relationship.” The couple are still paying the mortgage on their flat and also paying rent at their alternative accommodation, and believe the value of the flat has dropped.

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Sam, 32, and Liam, 31, asked Havering Council for help. Following noise surveys the authority said noise nuisance was caused by the metal shutter doors and the movement of the goods lifts, and an audible signal from within the lift shafts.

In a letter the council said: “The noise nuisance is the result of a basic structural oversight during the design and construction of the development.”

Asda manager Kristian Blount said; “We take any complaints seriously and have been working closely with the owners of the building, its management company and local authority to address any issues with the lifts.”

The Mercury’s general manager, Peter Callagher, said: “Centre management is deeply sympathetic to the position in which Liam and Sam find themselves and is working closely with Havering Council to investigate the origins of the noise and ensure that appropriate remedial action is taken as a matter of urgency.”

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