Romford biker who lost part of skull in crash invents brain game

�A Romford man who lost a quarter of his skull in an horrific motorbike crash in Turkey has invented a new game to rival Sudoku.

John Turner’s parents were told he would be unable to move or talk after his collision with a minibus while on holiday.

But four years later, the 24-year-old has made great strides and is determined to use his brain which miraculously survived the smash.

And although battling disability, he is not entitled to benefits.

“I was classed as 97 per cent dead but my brain wasn’t damaged,” said John.

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“I have been stuck indoors for years depressed and, in that time, I have invented a brain training game called Diagram Wizard.

“I would love to get it in the games section of newspapers.”

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The quiz involves trying to solve a number puzzle using only digits provided. There are four levels of difficulty.

John, of Hainault Road, was in a coma for 15 days after the crash while surgeons battled to save him.

‘Unable to move’

“I woke up back in England not being able to speak or move and didn’t know what had happened,” he said.

“I’ve had a quarter of my skull removed and it was put on my belly to preserve it.

“I have a metal plate in my head and a platinum eyelid.

“I’m deaf in one ear, half my face is paralysed and I’ve had six pins, two screws and a metal plate put in my leg.”

Despite all this, he has defied medical odds to make what doctors have dubbed a miraculous recovery. He has had to learn to walk and talk again.

John continues to undergo operations. The last one saw medics transfer all the nerves from his little toe to his knee to his face to help improve feeling.

His next one, on August 20, will be to repair damage to his urethra after a previously botched procedure.

John said: “I have gone through more than anyone should have to in the last four years but I want this game to catch on.

“I think it’s better and more challenging than Sudoku.”

n To find out more, John’s Facebook page is Wizard Games and his Twitter address is @w1zardgam3s.

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