Romford Beauty therapist, Joanna Sayer celebrating 20 years in business

Millie Ballard, Joanna Sayer, Sarah Pidgeon and Shannon Tumity cut the anniversary cake

Millie Ballard, Joanna Sayer, Sarah Pidgeon and Shannon Tumity cut the anniversary cake - Credit: Archant

Beautician Joanna Sayer is celebrating 20 years in business and she couldn’t have done it without the support of her family.

Joanna Sayer manicures the mayor cllr Lyndon Thorp's hands

Joanna Sayer manicures the mayor cllr Lyndon Thorp's hands - Credit: Archant

“I wouldn’t be where I am today, without their help she said.

“When I first started out, my mum and I would work really late.”

“When my kids were really young, if they got sick my mum would always be there to look after them because I had clients booked in.”

Joanna, now 38 started off her business in a small room in a hairdressers called The Conservatory in Heath Park Road just after doing a two year beauty therapy course at Havering College in Ardleigh Green Road.

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She borrowed £1000 from her grandmother to buy second hand equipment to decorate the room.

She explains: “My nan was one of those ladies who said that she would rather give you the money than see it go to waste.

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“That was always her philosophy, she has passed away now, but she saw what a success I made of the business and she was really pleased.”

Then on her way home from work one night, Joanna, then only 21 saw a shop up for rent on Brentwood Road.

“It used to be a printing and graphic shop years ago, but had been shut down.

“I mentioned it to mum and dad and they said that we could go and have a look.”

The shop needed lots of hard work before it could be made into the salon that it is today.

“I remember thinking that it couldn’t be a salon, it was smelly, dirty and in such a bad way.”

“I borrowed money from my nan again and every night my mum, dad and brother worked hard to turn it into my dream salon.”

The hard work finally paid off and the Beauty Room was opened on October 1 1996.

“I remember standing at my desk, looking at it and thinking that it was all mine at just 21.

“I worked hard to pay my nan back and after four years, I managed to pay back every single penny and I felt so proud of myself.”

It became a family affair when Joanna’s mum, Jackie did a nail course and came on board working in the salon.

Seventeen years on, the business is still going strong and Joanna celebrated the milestone with a special visit from Havering Mayor Cllr Lynden Thorpe and with a special treatment of one of her very first clients.

Joanna puts her success down to hard work and supportive staff, clients and most importantly family.

“It has been hard work, we have had plenty of ups and downs and we have gone through two major recessions. “I can’t believe I have made it to 20 years, but I couldn’t have done it without my family, staff and my loyal customers.”

She added: “The best advice, I would give to anyone is just to follow your dreams.

“You can start your business off small and then build it up, but you have to be willing to put in 100 per cent.”

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