Rise Park environmental activist: “I was ahead of my time on Oxford Street”

A Rise Park environmentalist who was arrested 40 years ago during a protest to pedestrianise Oxford Street says he was ahead of his time.

Founder member of Friends of the Earth Terry Hurlstone attended a conference recently in support of measures to stop traffic in the street.

Organised by the New West End Company, it was called People Not Traffic, and featured businesses and politicians putting forward the case for a change.

Early on in his political career, Mr Hurlstone was arrested for tying a chain across the street in an attempt to stop traffic.

He said: “There were all sorts of people there from business and politics, including a deputy mayor – these are the sort of people who 40 years ago wanted nothing to do with us.

“I wore my Friends of the Earth founders’ badge and was treated like some kind of sage. We were obviously ahead of our time.”

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