Rise in abandoned giant rabbits, says owner of Romford animal rescue home

A rabbit rescuer says that she has seen an increase in the number of dumped and unwanted giant rabbits.

Lucy Gills who runs Little Angels Rabbit Rescue in Romford is urging people to think twice before buying the animals after a rise in the number abandoned.

Lucy said: “I think it is terrible that people treat these animals in this kind of way.”

Six weeks ago Lucy, who set up the charity in 2009, found five giant rabbits dumped in an alleyway near her home.

She has also seen an increase in the number of calls from owners looking for new homes for the animals.

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Lucy believes that the rise in the number of abandoned giant rabbits, is due to people buying them without realising the amount of work involved.

She is now appealing for help in renovating her garden so that she has enough space and hutches for the giant rabbits.

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She said: “All I ask is that people read up on rabbits before they buy one.

“They deserve as much input as your family cat or dog and are just as intelligent.”

To help with the renovation visit www.littleangelsrabbitrescue.com

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