Residents invited to have their say at Havering Community Questions

Residents can get the chance to voice their concerns about the future of healthcare in the borough at the new Havering Community Questions.

The new public forum, which replaces the ask the cabinet meetings is set to take place on Monday November 19 at Havering Town Hall in Main Road, Romford from 7pm to 9pm.

Dr Atul Aggarwal, who leads Havering’s new GP commissioning group will be on the panel.

He said: “The health of our families and ourselves is important to all of us.

“With all the changes to the NHS currently taking place, myself and other local GPs know that people have lots of questions and concerns about the future of healthcare in the borough.

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“I want to hear what people are worried about in terms of local healthcare, what they think could be done differently or better andhow they think we can work better together to improve the health of the borough.”

Joining Dr Aggarwal on the panel, will be Leader of the Council Michael White and Chief Superintendent Mick Smith of Havering Police.

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The meeting is set to last two hours and residents will get the chhance to ask any questions about the council, police and local health services.

Chief superintendent Smith said: “This event allows me to meet the community face-to-face and address their concerns.

“I hope I’ll get a feel for the needs of the community, what their concerns are and what they feel their police service should be focussing on.”

The meetings are set to take place four times a year with venues around the borough, with an independent chair each time.

The meetings are a chance for residents to ask any questions about the council, police and how local health services which might affect them.

Chief superintendent Smith said: “These meetings provide the community with a fantastic opportunity to ask questions of those that lead local services.

“They can get immediate ansers to direct questions; they can hear the concerns of other members within a community and share ideas on how to move forward.”

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