Residents demand ‘unsound’ fence made safe before someone is hurt

�Residents are urging Havering Council to help make safe a crumbling old fence before it hurts someone.

The heavy wooden hoarding was put up several years ago by a private landowner when a bungalow in Candover Road, Hornchurch, was demolished.

Since then the fence, which is bound to metal posts, has become increasingly dilapidated and dangerous, residents claim.

It has collapsed a number of times in the past, they say, most recently damaging a vehicle.

Car owner Alan Edmead, 62, said: “It scratched the wing mirrors and roof. Luckily two lampposts stopped it doing more damage.


“We tried to lift it afterwards but it was too heavy and I’m a 20-stone guy.”

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“If that had fallen on a kid, or anyone, it would’ve killed them, no doubt about it,” he claimed.

Homeowners urged the council to make it permanently safe.

Neighbour Dave Cooper said: “This is a busy road serving three schools and the next fall could injure a passer-by, not just damage a car.”

Dave and wife Fif say they have been “passed from pillar to post” by town hall officials.

Fif said: “It’s an unsound structure; will it take a serious accident for something to be done?”

The council says it contacted the owner several times and was prepared to take “emergency” action.

But yesterday (Thurs), the owner, who asked not to be named, said he had secured the fence.

“I’m not a monster,” he said. “I’m a family man who just wants to build a house. It fell down because of the freak winds.”

He admitted it had also collapsed in the past.

Council leader Cllr Michael White said: “We have repeatedly told the owner that it is his responsibility to ensure the fence is safe.

“If this is ignored, we will repair the fence and charge him for the emergency work.

“We know that in windy conditions this week the fence was damaged again and we have visited the site to ensure that the owner repairs all wind damage, and the hoarding poses no immediate danger to the public. “The owner must ensure the fence is safe at all times.”

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