Rising Sun application for rear lounge with bar rejected

Hornchurch pub licensing request

The Rising Sun Pub's temporary event notice licences will be decided ahead of Friday, November 19. - Credit: Joe Sullivan

A licensing application for a rear lounge with bar, outside toilet and smoking area at the Rising Sun pub has been rejected.

Havering Council's licensing sub-committee gathered on September 28 to discuss the application submitted by the Hornchurch venue, which sought permission to add a separate lounge area to generate more revenue post-Covid.

It would be operated as a separate area from the existing public house and used for functions, with entry and exit via a rear gate only with no access to the pub.

The application came before the committee four weeks after police were called to the venue over the bank holiday weekend.

Initially scheduled for earlier this month, the decision meeting was postponed due to fears an email would prejudice the proceedings.

The licensing committee has now rejected the proposal, citing the fact that the Rising Sun sits in what's known as a Cumulative Impact Zone (CIZ).

A CIZ is an area where the number, type or density of licensed premises is impacting adversely on objectives relating to the prevention of crime and antisocial behaviour.

When representations are made against proposals situated within this zone, there is "a rebuttable presumption" of refusal unless the applicant can show that the request would not add to existing problems in the area.

Representations of objection were made by Saint Andrews ward councillor Paul Middleton, and the licensing committee was not satisfied the application would not adversely affect its surroundings.

This was despite the fact no objections were made by residents or the police, with the applicants agreeing a 90-customer limit.

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At the meeting, Graham Hopkins, who was speaking on behalf of applicants Joseph Sullivan and Peter Faires, said there would have been “no disruption to residents” as music played in the new function room would be “ambient” and put through a noise limiter.  

A key factor in the committee's decision was the "only means of entrance and exit" would have been from the rear, which spills out into a residential area. 

The risk of "up to 90 patrons" leaving the venue - either together or staggered - was considered too great.

More broadly, the committee asked if the applicants fully appreciated the CIZ.

This decision can be appealed to the magistrates' court within 21 days of notification.